Voluntary Workers Insurance

Voluntary Workers Insurance - for Owner Builders and their helpers!

Maybe your building or renovation project is running away with more money than you have. Or, as an owner builder, perhaps your family and friends enjoy pitching in with a helping hand on a whole range of on-site tasks.

But what would happen if they have an accident? Even a basic painting job has its dangers - falling off ladders, paint spills in eyes, slips etc. How about clearing up rubbish? Surely, no risk there? Think again. Oops! Nail sticking up, straight through the foot….help! Nurse!

There’s an answer. A low cost insurance policy that offers a certain level of cover for the owner builder, their declared spouse, and up to 6 helpers or volunteers.

There are a number of benefits in the policy but the best one is the cover it offers injured wage earners – a weekly benefit of up to $300 per week for 26 weeks.

Owner builders’ nephew fell off a ladder on a building site and fractured his leg

The injured man (covered under the policy) was employed as a taxi driver

He was off work for 6 months as a result of the injury

The weekly benefit of $300 per week kicked in after a 21 day waiting period

No private health cover - so the ambulance account was paid too

…and $500 Physio expenses was also covered.

Not a bad return and a happy outcome for such a small investment. Owner builders be prepared. If you are taking out Owner Builder Construction Insurance and plan to use the kindness of friends to help you build, the extra cover of a Volunteer Workers Policy can ease the pain when accidents happen.

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